Spas and Health Resorts in Hessen

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Medicine and healthcare of the highest quality


Hidden away in the 30 spas and health resorts of Hessen is a natural treasure trove beyond compare. Here, the healing effects of salty brine, mineral sources, moor and an officially recognised “healing climate” are combined with medical expertise of the highest order. Together, they form the foundation of future-oriented healthcare concepts. Here, guests find rest for the mind, strength for the body and balance for the soul.

The 30 spas and health resorts of Hessen are centres of competence offering prevention, rehabilitation and care. The offers available are diversified to say the least. State-of-the-art healthcare concepts have opened up new horizons for those suffering from obesity, cardiovascular ailments, psychosomatic disorders, neurodermatitis and rheumatic illnesses. Countless clinics and hospitals have become specialised in specific areas of expertise, offering their core competencies in the form of holistic therapy approaches.

Particular emphasis has been placed on treatments involving natural remedies. The healing powers of Mother Nature are undeniable, foregoing chemical additives and other unnatural substances. Brine, thermal waters, moor and a healing climate all help to ease acute or chronic pain and sustainably strengthen mind, body and soul.

Here, where at one time kings and emperors took the waters to improve their health, one finds rich traditions and a storied past. The spas and health resorts of Hessen continue to inspire with their rich cultural offerings. Countless interesting museums and galleries are just waiting to be discovered , while concerts, stage performances and literary events offer entertainment of a higher quality. Magnificent spa hotels and art nouveau-style villas provide a stunning backdrop, as do the region’s many luxurious bathing temples and historical thermal baths. Finally, the region’s well-manicured parks and spa gardens are the ideal places to enjoy a relaxing stroll while taking a glass of mineral water for the betterment of one’s health and wellbeing.