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Growth Market “Healthcare”

The healthcare industry is one of the most important industries in all of Germany, including Hessen. As Germany’s greatest economic driver, the industry records annual turnover of approx. € 340 billion. Moreover, it provides employment to some seven million professionals, 340,000 of which work in the Rhine-Main region. In 2017, every sixth employee in Germany worked in the healthcare industry. Average annual growth is currently at 3.8 percent, while the share of the healthcare industry in Germany’s gross domestic product is at around 12 percent. Last but not least, the healthcare industry is responsible for some 8.4 percent of German exports. These figures are the result of a 2017 study carried out by the economic research institute, WifOR, for the Federal Ministry of Health.

 The Gesundheitswirtschaft Rhein-Main e.V. sees itself as “the voice of the healthcare industry of the Rhine-Main region”, representing the interests of the regional healthcare industry in the political sphere and with respect to other leading stakeholders. Suffice to say, it acts independent of the particular interests of individual interest groups. It focuses primarily on the organisation of congresses and informative events as well as the compilation of studies and surveys on subjects such as innovation, the provision of skilled workers and the improvement of healthcare-providing structures, e.g., through digitisation. The association’s leading event is the “eHealth Congress Rhine-Main and Hessen”, which the association organises every summer together with the Hessian Ministry for Social Affairs, the Hessian Chamber of Commerce and the Techniker Krankenkasse Hessen.